Scot Sieczko was diagnosed with a rare Childhood Cancer called Rhabdomyosarcoma, also known as RMS, in June 2012. He entered a 54-week trial program at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital and was cleared of this Cancer November 2013 only to relapse a month later in December, 2013. Scot fought hard for 2-1/2 years and gained his Angel Wings September 28, 2014.

He will be truly missed by all that loved him. 

We created Team Scot to honor him and keep his memory and vision alive.  Scot was adamant we continue the fight to help raise awareness for childhood cancer through fundraising, advocating, and research support.  Although our fundraising focus will center on Rhabdomyosarcoma, we will also be donating towards the fight of all childhood and pediatric cancers. While Scot understood that he would not be around to help with Team Scot, he made sure to leave behind a great gift for both his doctors and for patients battling RMS; Scot donated his tumor for research. The very thing that robbed Scot of his future will be used to test new drugs, generate better treatments, and eventually find a cure. 

At UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital, Dr. Amit Sabnis, Scot’s oncologist, is working hard to find new treatments for RMS.  The monies we raise through our many efforts will go directly to Dr. Sabnis and his team to help fund research.  We will also be teaming up with Dr. Sabnis to help start a Tissue Bank that will store genetic information on the many different strings and mutations in cancers. Through advocating, we hope to get the word out to childhood cancer patients, and their families, on the importance of tissue and tumors donation for research. 

It took losing Scot to make us realize that this disease does not discriminate against age or gender. It does not care who it takes, no matter how bright their future might have been.  So we will ask for your help, we will invite you to participate, and we will keep you informed.  There will be many ways to support this fight and I hope you will join us.

Team Scot’s vision is to become a leader and campaigner in finding a cure of Pediatric Cancers. We want to have a hand in the obliteration of this disease by partnering with researchers, doctors, hospitals, and other pediatric cancer foundations and inundate the right people with monies, support, and advocacy. We are entrenched in this fight and are here to make a difference.





​​​Team Scot’s mission is straightforward, eradicate pediatric and childhood cancers. Our purpose is to fund new and existing studies and make sure all the monies we raise go directly to the research doctors trying to find a cure. While this will be our main objective, we are also dedicating our efforts and funds to help children get into trial programs, assist families with finances, find housing near trial hospitals, and provide comfort, emotional support, and understanding.