Scot was touched by a young man named Luis Saravia, who also had Rhabdomyosarcoma and wanted so badly to come to UCSF Benioff Chidren’s Hospital to try the same trial program that was helping Scot at that time. He was denied by his insurance company and ended up earning his Angel Wings not to long after their brief meeting. This really upset Scot, Myself and My Family. When I brought up starting the foundation Scot was excited but he wanted to make sure we Honored Luis as well by helping other young adults just like him that are denied access to trial programs. That’s when we came up with the Luis Saravia Quality of Life and Care Award this way we can help young adults who are denied by their insurance companies to receive much needed treatment through trial programs that not only help the young adults but can help with future treatments and possibly a cure. Since Scot has now earned his Angel Wings as well in Honor of both very courageous men we have renamed the Award to be The Scot Sieczko and Luis Saravia Quality of Life and Care Award.

My Mom called me one day telling me there was a kid on the news that had Scot’s Cancer and he was trying to go to UCSF and get into a trial program like Scot and we needed to help them if we could. So I immediately got on Facebook and searched for the story found out who wrote it and reached out to them and the TV Station to get in touch with Luis’ Sister and have her call me so we can see if there is any way we can help her brother. This was the first time we heard of someone in the area that had the same Childhood Cancer as Scot so we had to reach out. She finally got my info and we tried to help but it just didn’t happen. In the meantime Scot was in the hospital for one of his 5 day treatments and somehow Luis was allowed to go to UCSF for two or three days and by a miracle Scot got to meet him in the hallway or something. I found out from Claudia when Scot went to Luis room he was asleep so Scot didn’t disturb him. He said he felt so bad you could see Luis was in a lot of pain and his tumors were very visible. Scot said Mommie remember how much pain I was in at the beginning and I said yes. He said well Luis is in a lot more pain than I was. It broke my heart cause I know how much pain Scot was in. It wasn’t but a couple months later when I woke to a text from Scot that Luis had passed. We were both devastated. So when we would talk about the foundation Scot was very adamant that we help people like Luis so they can get into the trial programs no matter what. Scot and Luis’ sister Claudia would talk often too. She said it was funny how alike Scot and Luis were. She also said Scot asked about Luis all the time.

Here is a copy of his story from the news….

8th April 2013

A 24-year-old battling against cancer is now fighting his insurance company for treatment. Fox affiliate KTVU visited Luis Saravia at Children’s Hospital Oakland in California. He suffers from a rare form of cancer called rhabdomyosarcoma. His insurance company refuses to pay for the specialized treatment for his internal and external tumors. Doctors recommended Saravia go to the University of California San Francisco for a promising new drug trial. UCSF is holding a spot for him in the trial, specifically for rhabdomyosarcoma. However, Saravia’s insurance is through his father’s work and doesn’t cover out-of-network or experimental treatments.

He also has a really cool video on YouTube

Luis & Claudia