Where The Money Goes

  1. Team Scot is dedicated to funding research and generating awareness for Childhood & Pediatric Cancers.  Although our focus is on Rhabdomyosarcoma, we are here to help eradicate all cancers that attack the youngest in our lives.
  2. In partnership with the nurses and doctors at UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital we are committed to raise awareness on the importance of Tissue/Tumor Donation for research and help establish a Tissue/Tumor Bank Nationwide to assist doctors and researches find a cure.
  3. Team Scot Believe Backpacks 

Team Scot Believe Parents Backpack
Backpack w/Team Scot Logo
1.    Team Scot Binder
a.    Important information 
b.    Free Notary Service 
c.    Tissue/Tumor Donation
d.    Team Scot pamphlet 
e.    Business Card Sheet
f.    Other helpful organizations 
i.    Young and Brave
ii.    Unravel pediatric cancer
g.    House cleaning
h.    Pen & pad
i.    Food delivery
j.    Receipt holder
2.    Cards
a.    Gas
b.    Grocery
c.    Starbucks/ Peet’s Coffee
3.    Water bottles
4.    Magazines 
5.    Snacks
6.    List of things family & friends can help with

Team Scot Believe Child Backpack
Backpack w/Team Scot Logo
1.    Team Scot Blanket
2.    Team Scot Socks
3.    Coloring 
a.    coloring book
b.    Crayons
c.    Colored pencils
d.    Colored markers
4.    Cards
a.    ITunes/Google Play
b.    Ice Cream 
c.    Amazon
5.    Water bottle
6.    Word Search Book
7.    Snacks